LG Smart Inverter 17kg Top-loader Washing Machine Review

I’ve had this machine for just over a month now and I think it’s time that I can give you some honest feedback so the one the device that I have is the 17 inch top loader. It’s an extremely versatile machine. The reasons for this is I’m going to share this with you now is today I decided to wash my daughter’s baby blankets to preserve them. If you were paying attention you would know that I just said this is 17 kilo top loader which is the massive machine. There’s a lot of room to do, a lot of washing and it’s convenient for a family of five but the energy saving feature on this machine is also very attractive. So these three things it’s not very heavy showing. It must have been the best washer and dryer 2020 pair too. So, you put your clothes in the machine and then inside the machine is a space for washing. Do that and this intelligent people contraption gauges as to how much laundry you are putting in there.

What’s the weight of it and how much energy needs to be consumed in order to complete this load? So effectively it’s saving you – what it’s saving you energy? it’s saving in water it’s just using what’s needed for the laundry pile the other features on this is that it’s I’ve got the same steel so that it matches everything else in my laundry room. It’s a personal preference of mine I like having everything stainless nailing like in my kitchen to my laundry room if it appeals to me. So that’s quite cool so sorry so I’ve got in order to put this on power and it’s gonna gauge know how heavy this notice and you just press this back.

Teclast F7 Plus

Teclast F7 Plus REVIEW, Great Budget Ultrabook For Students under $400

We want to talk about the new product from Teclast company new laptop called Teclast F7 plus. It’s a vertical price about three hundred and eighty dollars it offers some very good features such as others in metal body fourteen inch full HD IPS display headaches of RAM and 128 gigs of SSD. Its generation Gemini Lake processor, so let’s make first review of new laptop I will leave the link in description where you can buy it cheaper by the way we have already made a review of Teclast F7. So enters this post will also be in description one of the main feature of Teclast f7 class is slide and scene metal body; this is floating laptop.  So it has quite compact dimensions as the manufacturer says about 1.5 kilograms of weight and 70 millimeter of sickness. Can you imagine this and very surprised the laptop comes in a single color option space grey. There is Teclast logger on cover and it is glowing I don’t know why you need it but the Chinese company is very proud of this if we talk about display; it has diagonal of 14 inches and Full HD resolution 1920 by 1080 pixels. This is IPS panel so the contrast brightness and UN angles should be OK also the laptop has eight millimeters narrow bezel design. The smartphones get rid of bezels around the screen and soon. We will have bezel-less best convertible laptop 2020. The keyboard here is full sized 21 millimeters Teclast F7 Plus is budget laptop but it has backlit keyboard amazing as PO connectors there are mini HDMI to first USB 3.0 3.5 millimeters audio jack and micro SD slot Teclast F7+ is powered by Intel ASA generation Gemini Lake and to the 100 processor with 2.4 gigahertz and Intel HD graphics 600 GPU the basic model comes with 8 gigs of ram and the 130 edicts of SSD memory but you can expand it using the slot Hun’s it back also you can use micro SD memory cards as a manufacturer says that this laptop is for office production and entertainment you can watch videos in 4k at 60fps play games and even video edit and of course the laptop runs on Windows 10 operating system with each browser and Cortana and finally let’s talk about battery tech list f7 plus is equipped with sweetie eat what our battery and it will provide up to 8 hours of mix use by a good result for Ultrabook so it was burst Luke on left up Teclast F7+ right now. I can say it is much better than Teclast F7 Zoo laptop we hasn’t go on sale yet but it looks very promising for only $380 you will get a 14 inch full HD laptop with thin metal body good performance a lot of memory and even backlit keyboard.

echo dot 3rd gen review

Bigger, Better, Still $50 Amazon Echo Dot 3 Review

I’m here in the scene that smart home today with the new third-generation Amazon echo dot and this is right here. This is the refresh for 2018 like you can see it’s still kind of a hockey puck type design a little bit bigger than before and that’s because Amazon is promising better sound from this thing. So, it’s got a little more oomph to it and it’s also got the fabric rim around the edge you can see on this black version here and that’s because Amazon’s trying to help it better compete against the fabric body Google Home Mini. A lot of people seem to prefer that fabric a design looks a little more premium and softer and more appropriate for the home so it’s kind of a tacit admission from Amazon that that might have been a better way to go with the design other than that though basically the same product you’ve got the same four buttons up top the two that bring the volume up and down here and then a button on the right to mute the assistant and one to activate her I’m not going to say her name if I can help it here and then in the back here you’ve got the same inputs the audio in if you want to make a wired connection to an external set of speakers and the powered jack which in a small change is not micro USB anymore it’s now just a normal pronged AC Jack so this is the new third gen echo dot. We’re gonna start testing it out let’s take a look at how it does. Amazon’s first two Echo dots hit the market without any real competitors now. The echo dot 3.0 has to contend with the Google Home Mini – a popular alternative that looks and sounds better than the last dot did the new fabric rim and the stronger sound of the new dot are both obvious attempts at neutralizing those advantages it’s the first time the dots really needed to play defense so how did Amazon do well? Let’s start with sound quality Amazon tells us that the new dot is 70% stronger than the old one and I gotta say if you listen to the two back-to-back you’ll definitely hear the difference.