LG Smart Inverter 17kg Top-loader Washing Machine Review

I’ve had this machine for just over a month now and I think it’s time that I can give you some honest feedback so the one the device that I have is the 17 inch top loader. It’s an extremely versatile machine. The reasons for this is I’m going to share this with you now is today I decided to wash my daughter’s baby blankets to preserve them. If you were paying attention you would know that I just said this is 17 kilo top loader which is the massive machine. There’s a lot of room to do, a lot of washing and it’s convenient for a family of five but the energy saving feature on this machine is also very attractive. So these three things it’s not very heavy showing. It must have been the best washer and dryer 2020 pair too. So, you put your clothes in the machine and then inside the machine is a space for washing. Do that and this intelligent people contraption gauges as to how much laundry you are putting in there.

What’s the weight of it and how much energy needs to be consumed in order to complete this load? So effectively it’s saving you – what it’s saving you energy? it’s saving in water it’s just using what’s needed for the laundry pile the other features on this is that it’s I’ve got the same steel so that it matches everything else in my laundry room. It’s a personal preference of mine I like having everything stainless nailing like in my kitchen to my laundry room if it appeals to me. So that’s quite cool so sorry so I’ve got in order to put this on power and it’s gonna gauge know how heavy this notice and you just press this back.